Build your own dinosaur theme park in Jurassic World Evolution

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One of the things that is often relegated to the background with the Jurassic Park series is the park itself. Coming next summer, you'll be able to build your own Jurassic Park in Jurassic Park Evolution.

In what appears to be a sort of spiritual successor to 2003's Jurassic Park: Operation Genesis, Jurassic Park Evolution is a simulation game in the vein of a Zoo Tycoon, wherein you get to build and manage your own park. It appears to be in good hands, as well; developer Frontier Developments is behind the hugely popular Elite: Dangerous, as well as fellow simulation series Planet Coaster.

You can watch the announcement trailer for yourself below.

Lamborghini showcased in new Project Cars 2 trailer

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Gamescom 2017 is coming to Cologne, Germany and unless you are taking a trip of a lifetime next week, you will not be there to see Project Cars 2's display. However, with Lamborghini's help, their new trailer is here to show off some of the premier cars the came has to offer. PC2 is being released Sept 22nd on XBox One, Playstation 4, and PC.

Watch Yoda dogfight in first footage of Battlefront II's Starfighter Assault Mode

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EA has released the first footage of Battlefront II's Starfighter Assault mode.  The footage shows you a bit of footage from all three Star Wars eras including some prequel era footage of Yoda engaging in some space combat.  

The footage looks fantastic and I'm interested to see if they've made the gameplay more engaging than the first game.   Highlights for me were seeing that the wreckage of the second Death Star at Endor as a map and that we'll have the opportunity to fly Poe Dameron's X-Wing.  I also appreciate the irony of Darth Maul uttering the words "You can't kill a Sith".  

EA will be showing more gameplay footage tomorrow at so be sure to tune in if you want to see more of the game ahead of the beta in October.

Quit throwing poop, kid from Kingdom Come: Deliverance

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Another strangely provocative trailer is out for Kingdom Come: Deliverance. I mean, I want this game in my face right now, even though a part of me doesn't think the story is going to pull it off.

Sure, I like the anti-Witcher approach, where the main character, Henry, isn't a hired mercenary, isn't a trained killer, isn't a soldier of any sort to be begin with. In fact, this "Born from Ashes" video makes it readily apparent that the kid is kind of a lazy teenage punk, doing what any young man would be doing at his age: throwing up from over drinking, trying to get into women's pants, and basically egging the neighbor's house.

Then comes a time when the kid has to avenge the death of his family. So stuff gets real, and the boy Henry has to become the man Henry. On second thought, the weirdly realistic behaviors of the main character just might make for a very dramatic roller coaster. I hope they can do it. Something still feels just a bit off, but I'm still super intrigued. I want to get my hands on this one.

Kingdom Come: Deliverance is making a surprisingly strong debut on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One, all on February 13, 2018. 

Deep Sky Derelicts is Darkest Dungeon with tactical card combat

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Ooh pretty. Deep Sky Derelicts, coming from relative newcomer Snowhound Games, apparently figured out how to get me to play a card game: By giving it an intense and flawless retro-futuristic comic book art style, and by walking out a very Darkest Dungeon kind of combat.

Your crew is out there in the black, exploring derelict spaceships, scavenging materials, trying to earn your way to a better life. The animation uses the "living comic book" approach, and slides in different illustrated frames for each kind of turn-based attack, and also slides in an illustrated frame for each hit-or-miss combat result. Heavy punch! Stunning blow! Burst fire! Also, in the Darkest Dungeon style, there are lite roguelike elements with changing backgrounds and enemy encounters, a perfectly vague top-down map, crew hiring and firing, and plenty of loot grinding and gear grabbing, but also throwing in tactical card combat to mix things up.

Snowhound is made up of five people, and Deep Sky Derelicts just nabbed the Best Storytelling award (and was a Best Design nominee) at the White Nights 2017 game industry business conference in St. Petersburg. 

Deep Sky Derelicts is coming to Steam sometime in 2018.

What we're playing: No Pokemon's Sky

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The 2024 Olympics might add competitive video games to its list of events. Amazon Prime used to give a 20% discount on games for two weeks after launch but that discount is now gone. And for those of you keeping score at home, there are currently 61 video game movies in development.

What are you playing?

Dan Colonna, Staff Writer,
Ten hours of Pokémon Ranger and a slightly more scuffed up DS screen later, I obtained a Manaphy egg! Woohoo! I have to admit—I sort of enjoyed Pokémon Ranger. However, I enjoy that it's over just a little more.

On the home console front, I (like many others) gave No Man's Sky a fresh chance. The game's dynamic has changed for the better. It feels similar to a game that finally came out of early access. It's clear that Hello Games has been listening. Compared to Elite Dangerous, I feel as though my ship is on autopilot half the time. Have I evolved into a fine purveyor of flight sims?

Kinsey Danzis, Staff Writer,
Thanks to an incredibly generous girlfriend, I am now the proud owner of a refurbished Nintendo New 3DS XL, which also just so happens to be a golden Hyrule Edition. In between my escapades with trying to get my PC rig set up, courtesy of a very generous father, I'll be exploring Pokemon Sun and Pokemon X. The last Pokemon game I played, excluding Pokemon GO, of course, was SoulSilver, so I've been out of it for a while. But thanks to my discovery of Griffin McElroy's old Nuzlocke run, I felt like jumping back in. Hopefully I'll be able to fit in some 7 Days to Die as well, but that all depends on how quickly I figure out how to set up my rig.

Dave Gamble, Staff Writer,
My infatuation with the virtual world continues apace, even more so as the real world continues to disappoint. While the Rift visuals are nothing to write home about, there are often times when the immersion factor is so intense that my wife coined the phrase "It's so real it's surreal."

I have segmented the games into two categories: pure VR and VR enhanced.

An example of pure VR would be Dead & Buried, which has to be one of the most seamless online multiplayer experiences ever. No lobbies, no lengthy setup—just start shooting. What, those aren't AI? Oh my! Naturally I forego even that level of extroversion and spend almost all of my time target shooting, and even at that I ignore the fixed targets and concentrate on the blue vultures of Crow Canyon. It's so close to trap/skeet shooting, one of my few outdoor hobbies, that I just can't get enough of it.

A close second is Iron Lung VR, an incredible simulation of a 1–4 person German U-Boat. The only reason it's in 2nd place is that it's kind of wonky with only two motion trackers. That will eventually be fixed once I conjure up a way to hide another $60 expense on "that crazy toy." I can't seem to develop an affinity for Robo Recall. It's too frenetic, and the voices make me feel like I'm murdering a Speak & Spell. And who among us is heartless enough to do that?

In the VR-enhanced category, which is comprised of games that I have already played for hundreds of hours on a 2D monitor, Project CARS is still the leader. But the sleeper is a flight sim, IL-2 Sturmovik: Battle of Stalingrad, that I never really got into. In many cases, and with IL-2 in particular, the Rift is like adding a little Himalayan Sea Salt to popcorn: the popcorn was fine without it, but with a touch of salt it becomes exquisite.

Randy Kalista, Staff Writer,
I'm on the road, so mobile is the soup du jour.

It's great watching how quickly my kingdom and legacy spirals out of control from a simple left or right swipe in Reigns. Crows foretell of war, the nice lady in dark clothing is upsetting the church again, and some unknowable alien asked me if my people's happiness is an aspiration or merely a consideration. I've played a thousand games that've never put me in such well-balanced uncertainty.

Otherwise, I thought I'd be done with Design Home by now. Guiltiest pleasure of my 2017. Saying it's unlocked my inner interior decorator would be a modest understatement. I now know that all-white furnishing will net you higher scores than my grayscale sensibilities, and heaven help you if you fail to tie the room together with the perfect area rug. I haven't spent a single dollar on the game, mainly because the real-money conversion rate is worthless. But my wife is now waking up at 1:00 and 2:00 in the morning, wondering why I'm still staring at my phone.

Nicholas Leon, Staff Writer,
Okay, I'm not sure if I said this last week, so I'll just say that Mr. Shifty is awesome. But what I'll actually be doing is packing up all my stuff to move back to school. If I do get a chance to play anything, it'll be Hitman. Hitman is fun. Hitman is sneaky. Hitman is fashionable. Go Hitman.

Kevin O’Connell, Staff Writer,
Been on a vacation this past week/weekend but have returned to continue Path of Exile. It is a rather straight forward hack-n-slash game, but so far so good. Looks like I'm at the end of the line with the City Island 4 app, as it has finally gotten to a point where you have to pay money to build anything else. Took 38 levels, but it is definitely there. Beat Dungeon Defenders II as well, but am using different characters now for a second run through. Besides the lousy pet system, the game is better than the first.

Concerts have arrived to Cities: Skylines

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Paradox Interactive has recently released a new mini-expansion for Cities: Skylines that introduces concerts into the game. Cities: Skylines - Concerts lets players make their cities more musical by building festival ground buildings and creating city ordinances to drive ticket sales. The mini-expansion also features new music from in-game bands NESTOR, Elijha MOTi, and Lily La Roux via the new music-focused radio station "Live" which is all music, no interruptions. Cities: Skylines - Concerts is now available for $6.99 on Steam and Paradox Plaza. More info can be found at

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Fishing Planet's new PS4 trailer is cooler than any of us and I'm angry about it

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Okay, I'm breaking what little professionalism I have here to talk about that new Fishing Planet trailer. It's a fishing game, which is a historically bad and boring genre. We all know this. The game has been out on Steam for a couple years, and it's making its PS4 debut on August 29, so there was a need for extra hype. Perfectly reasonable.

You know what's not reasonable? The new trailer.

It has absolutely no business being cooler than I am. Like, I'm not really a cool person, but when the trailer for a FISHING GAME is cooler than I am, then some contention begins to blossom. The game's 12 scenic waterways are cooler than I am. The advanced fish AI is cooler than I am. The thousands of tackle combinations are cooler than I am. Who even needs thousands of tackle combinations? Not me, but this metal-as-heck trailer made me think that thousands of tackle combinations are the coolest option to have in any video game, ever, in the entire world. 

And why is this all so cool according to me, the person who couldn't care less about fishing? Because the whole darn thing is basically a trailer for an action undercover spy movie where the spy's primary role is to stand quietly at the edge of one of the aforementioned 12 scenic waterways and fish. Why? Has one of the fish swallowed a flash drive containing information vital to the nation's security? Is he working to save a critically endangered species my transplanting it somewhere safer? Does he just want to make some really dangerous fish fry?

Basically, this trailer represents absolutely nothing that a fishing game should stand for, and I'm furious about it, but you need to watch it because it's still pretty much the best thing I've seen all summer.

Splatoon 2's DLC weapon rollout continues with the Classic Squiffer

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Nintendo's frequent release of free DLC weapons for Splatoon 2 continues with another throwback to Splatoonthe Classic Squiffer. My computer is pretty insistent that I really mean to say Swiffer here, but I'm not really sure what a Classic Swiffer would bring to the world of Splatoon. Squiffer it is.

The Classic Squiffer should be a familiar sight to Splatoon veterans. It's a charger with fairly short range, but it more than makes up for that shortcoming with its charge speed. If it's fully charged, it can let loose with some pretty mean attacks as well. Not only that, but it also comes equipped with Point Sensors and Ink Armor, so it's by no means a bare-bones addition to the lineup.

As with the other weapons added in this particular chain of DLC, the Classic Squiffer will cost you exactly zero real-life dollars. You only have to drop some in-game currency on it at Ammo Knights. The next Splatfest is coming up in a couple of weeks, after all; will this charger be in your armory when the time comes?

Gun Media announces tons of new content coming soon to Friday the 13th: The Game

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A week ago, Gun Media announced that Friday the 13th: The Game would be getting new variant maps. These maps are going to be smaller versions of the three maps already in the game and will provide for faster gameplay and faster kills. Today, Gun Media announced tons of additional content that will be coming to the game. No release dates yet for any of this content but it still looks like awesome stuff. 

  • New Playable Map 

Along with the smaller variant maps that will be added soon, the devs have confirmed that a new large map will be added to the game and will be based on a location from one of the movies. 

  • New Playable Jason 

A brand new Jason will be included in the game with his own unique kills. No info yet on which one but my guess would maybe be Part 5 since Part 4 (which is basically the same as Part 3), Part 5 and Jason X are the only ones not currently in the game. Unfortunately the devs do not have the rights for Freddy vs. Jason or the 2009 Remake Jason. 

  • Retro Jason Rework 

Retro was intoduced in June as a special skin for Part 3 Jason with a retro 8 bit tune and costume based on the NES Friday the 13th game. With this update, the Retro Jason is going to be removed and reworked. Here is a statement from the devs about Retro Jason's removal. 

UPDATE. We’re going to be removing Retro Jason for a little TLC work. Don’t freak out, it will only be a month or so. We have some plans for this Jason, as we will be adding new music that both the counselor AND Jason hear during gameplay. And trust us, you’ll like the results.

  • Two New Counselors 

Two brand new counselors for Jason to slaughter. Interesting thing of note is that the devs are teasing that these counselors could be actual characters from the films just like Tommy Jarvis. 

  • All New Kills 

Each Jason in the game will be a brand new set of special kills motion captured by Kane Hodder. 

  • New Clothing Pack 

Nothing revealed about this except for the fact that "everyone likes a secret! Right?". Details will be revealed soon 

  • Spring Break 1984 Swimsuit Costume Pack 

Yeah... we all knew this was coming. It is Friday the 13th after all and these movies were always about teenagers doing things they shouldn't be doing. Normal price for these costumes will be $3.99 and there will be a limited time offer to get it for half off at $1.99 but no details about a release date yet.